More Than A Buzzword


If you’re a professional working in today’s world, you probably encounter this term every single day, whether you’re reading an email or grabbing a coffee or enduring an advertisement for the latest gadget that promises to “change your life.”

But what if data-driven technology was more than a buzzword? What if it really did help you become constantly connected—not to a network or a game or a cute cat video, but the people who make your organization succeed?

What if harnessing the power of data-driven performance management really could change your life?

We think it can.

Performance Improves When
Performance Is Measured.

Measuring the performance of your curriculum or training program is essential to getting the most out of your staff, students, and team members. That’s why we created software that’s built around a simple, straightforward concept known as Pearson’s Law:

When performance is measured, performance improves.

Our custom software solutions are designed to give you an intuitive, easy-to-use command center for managing performance, letting you drill deep for real-time data you can analyze and apply to create continuous improvement in everything from test scores to customer experience enhancement to essential certifications.

Our 4iQ Opportunity Cycles let you collect comprehensive feedback during all phases of learning and then leverage it to help your people succeed:

4iQ Opportunity Cycles

From on-boarding new hires to managing an employee Learning Management System (LMS) to evaluating student or employee performance, we can help you achieve continuous improvement and turn data into development.

System Highlights

Competency-driven, intuitive, and transparent, our software gives you a commander’s view of the field, making it easy to:

  • Collect, analyze, and leverage data in real time
  • Train and evaluate your team
  • Manage and improve curricula
  • Manage training needs and set goals for both individual departments and your organization as a whole
  • Organize and distribute your materials for easy collaboration with other organizations
  • Create and share status reports for accreditation, government, or other regulatory purposes

No matter your industry, no matter the size of your organization, and no matter the scope of your training, teaching, or service programs, we can create a custom solution for you and help you get your team, students, and staff started on the path to unparalleled success.

Turning your problems into potential is easier than you might think.

Get in touch today and we’ll set you up with a free consultation.