Our Philosophy

We have five core values at 4IQ Solutions: Innovation, Imagination, Integrity, Intuitiveness, and Quality.

Is it a coincidence that our philosophy adds up to four I’s and one Q? The world may never know.

We value Innovation because we’re committed to finding new and exciting, yet extremely practical, ways to capture data, and leverage its power to help your team achieve continuous improvement. Any chance to explore new tech and grow our skill set excites us, because we want to continuously improve our own understanding of how to make products that fit your needs.

We value imagination because we’re focused on the exciting possibilities tomorrow brings. We’re not interested in only solving today’s challenges, but in anticipating and addressing the ones our clients will face in the future.

We value Integrity because we believe in a square deal, both for ourselves and our clients. We honor commitments and take our responsibilities seriously, because we know our clients are counting on us to help them help the people who are counting on them.

We value Intuitiveness, because sometimes it can be really easy for tech-lovers like us to geek out over the power and flexibility of new software without stopping to consider how folks who don’t build databases for fun might want to use it. That’s why we’re committed to creating software products that are powerful and easy to use for professionals from all walks of life.

We value Quality because we’re all a bit tired of products and services that overpromise and underdeliver. We are committed to applying our own principles of continuous improvement to all our products, so that you, as our customer, are always receiving the very best product for your dollar.

We want a thumbs-up cry of “A-HA!” to be the norm, not the exception.

The “A-HA” Moment

Imagine a product that gives you a magical, shining moment where you finally see not just all of your data, but how your data can improve student performance, or the bottom line, or your customer service ratings.

That’s what we call an “A-HA! Moment”, and helping each and every one of our our clients reach it is what drives us.

Because, let’s face it: There’s tons of data out there.

And you’ve probably seen, and tried, countless LMS systems, HR systems, CRM tools, and data aggregators designed to help you collect information. As you’ve no doubt noticed, some of them are amazing. Many are not. And none of them are focused on putting all that data to work quite the way we do, turning every roadblock or missed opportunity into a chance to improve.

That’s why we’ve made our entire focus helping you achieve both smarter data management and far more effective professional development. You’ll gain insight and real-time feedback, and your team will find themselves reaching heights of success you may never have dreamed possible.

We’re here to make the world a better place, one business at a time.

And of all the things we value, perhaps the most important is your success.