Jason Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Adams

President and Chief Executive Office of 4IQ Solutions, Jason Adams is a technology expert with a focus on creating solutions for enterprise sized, Fortune 500 companies.

Jason founded the company in 2013 after spending the previous two years running his successful consulting company, Jaiboh Consulting Partners. Prior to his work with his consulting company, Jason served as President and Chief Executive Officer of IRTH Solutions.  During his 17-year career with IRTH, Jason served eight years as Vice President of Sales and five years as Chief Operating Officer.   During his last four years serving as President and Chief Executive Officer, he drove the company to its highest earnings levels while doubling the company in value.

During his career with IRTH Solutions, Jason served on multiple industry trade boards including his role on the Technology Committee for the Common Ground Alliance and spoke at multiple trade events including the Damage Prevention Convention and the Common Ground Alliance annual meeting.

Jason is a Graduate of The Wellington High School in Columbus OH and attended The Ohio State University where he studied Economics. Jason currently lives with his wife Stephanie in Chicago, IL.  During the winter they travel south in the Coach to spend time with family in SouthWest Florida.  Jason’s passion for cooking and travel has led to many great adventures and some wonderful dinners!

Jason is also a season ticket holder for the Chicago Cubs.  He has not stop smiling since his Cubs clinched their first World Series Championship in 2016.