Call Centers

Disengaged staff. High turnover. Frustrated customers.

Sound familiar? If you manage a call center, it’s a scenario you may know all too well.

Regardless of industry, the agents in your call center are likely to be the primary point of contact for your customers’ questions or concerns. And the challenges of running a successful and efficient organization that keeps your customers happy are compounded by the sometimes high turnover rate associated with call centers the world ’round.

But what if you could not only hold onto your best performers, but also continuously improve your entire team’s performance while delivering a truly exceptional experience to the customers they support?

With 4iQ’s flexible software solutions, you can.

High turnover can be attributed largely to a negative cycle that begins with sub-optimal training.

Your reps need to be on the phone, but they also need training. And since traditional training methods can be rushed, unclear, or difficult to schedule, even your best performers can experience incomplete absorption of your training materials. This can lead to poor employee performance and, inevitably, departure. The cycle then begins again with the new hire, and you’re left struggling to give your customers the support they need—and deserve.

Traditional Learning Management Systems emphasize consistency and comprehensive coverage, but all too often forget about the most important element of all: continuous improvement. Without the ability to monitor the performance of your team in real time, and then apply what you’ve learned on the fly, you’re missing valuable opportunities to give your people the information and skills they need, retain employees who excel, and provide customers with outstanding service.

A Better Call Center
Management Solution

4iQ’s Continuous Improvement Cycles make all the difference.

They give you continuous and transparent insight into every team member’s training as it’s happening, giving you an instant grasp of what’s working for your team and what’s frustrating them.

With our Opportunity Cycles, every iteration of training leverages your organization’s very best content and presents it in an easily adjustable way that maximizes absorption and integration—meaning your employees master your materials and procedures faster, and stay with you longer, preventing “brain drain.” You can incorporate training into their work schedules to ensure complete coverage for your support needs as well, so you never have to worry about who’s “minding the shop” while your staff is properly, and thoroughly, trained.

And as you identify your strongest performers, our software allows you to adjust your training materials and assignments to give them opportunities to shine, while offering equally exciting chances for advancement and increased skill development for employees across the board.

The data you receive as you monitor your reps’ performance in training and on calls can give you exactly what you need to create training that provides an optimal customer experience for even the toughest callers.

You can even build assessments into your education path to ensure constant and continuous advancement, encouraging retention and giving every team member—and the customers they serve—the best possible experience.

If you’re ready to transform your call center’s biggest problems into a source of limitless potential, give us a call! We’re standing by to help you break the old call center cycle and start down the exciting and rewarding path to continuous improvement.