Advance Learning and Training

4iQ Solutions’ Team has created an advanced learning and training platform for the companies wanting to increase their skills and invest in their people. 4iQ Coursettra is designed to leverage your existing training materials and internal knowledge and help maximize your efforts.

While traditional Learning Management Systems provide a baseline for training on a subject, the Coursettra system will allow you do dive deep into the delivery and execution of your training efforts. Our intensive reporting system will show why students are successful and highlight training challenges that can prevent good students from succeeding.

Originally designed to handle the most critical education path, Medical Schools, the Coursettra Cloud based training system ensures that your audience will meet the challenges and perform at the highest level of success.

Are your key staff reaching their goals? Are your clients truly maximizing their potentail?

If not, why not?

Create an Objective and Conquer It!

What is the best way to achieve success? Set a goal and reach it, then do it again! The 4iQ Coursettra adapts that philosophy in our training system. We understand that most clients have a very strong understanding of their business and need to spread that understanding to their staff. From training new hires to maximizing the valuable staff that may have been with you for years, the key to success is setting a goal and reaching it.

When performance is measured, performance improves.

By creating a detailed curriculum for the challenges of your business, you will gain insight into the challenges of your business as you train your team for success. As your team uses the system, the system will provide feedback on these goals and the best approach to teaching the best solutions moving forward.

4iQ Coursettra – The Missing Piece

4iQ Coursettra will help identify whats missing in your training programs.

System Highlights

Leveraging the cloud, the 4iQ Coursettra Solution will:

  • Organize your learning objectives
  • Provide Web Based Classrooms
  • Track Competency of all students
  • Deliver detailed reports of students and learning paths
  • Organize and distribute your materials for easy collaboration with other organizations
  • Create and share curriculum and learning resources.

The 4iQ Coursettra platform was designed to help students become competent faster and more secure than any platform available today.  

Turning your problems into potential is easier than you might think.

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