811 Call Center Solutions

4iQ Solutions’ Team has delivered the most sophisticated solutions for the damage prevention industry for years. Understanding the most critical processes for creating an accurate one call ticket is not something that can be faked. Every bit of information is critical and the secured delivery of that content is required for safe digging.

Our team has over 50 years of experience in creating the most advanced technology solutions for the 811 Call Centers. Our newest solution, 4iQ Exactix, sets the standard for using the latest technology and proven development methods to advance the 811 Call Center to new heights. Our custom Geocode tools help create the most accurate dig-sites that are aligned with the requirements of every state, while bringing the ease of use that the next generation excavators require. A platform that encourages every user, using any device, to dig-safely is our mandate. We continue to set the standard!

Is your call center delivering the safest and most accurate experience in the industry?

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Every User… Every Device… Dig Safer!

This new world requires accuracy, speed, and precision. Our 4iQ Exactix solution takes advantage of modern databases with integrated spatial data to provide extremely fast and precise dig site locations using any standard web browser or mobile device. Your stakeholders will excel by managing their total excavation experience with our new platform. From creating precise dig tickets, to managing positive response, the 4iQ Exactix platform brings the most powerful experience to you mobile devices and desktop.

When performance is measured, performance improves.

By integrating our One Call platform – Exactix with the Industry leading Curriculum platform – Coursettra, 4iQ finally allows first class training and certification fully integrated into the one call platform. Built in assessments and testing will allow only competent users to create and manage one call tickets. Thus ensuring the most accurate and safest experience ever designed for the Damage Prevention Industry.

4iQ Exactix – The Safest Solution

4iQ Exactix offers the most accurate and safe dig site ticket creation in the Damage Prevention Industry.

System Highlights

Leveraging the cloud, the 4iQ Exactix platform provides the ability for stakeholders and members of the 811 Center to:

  • Create the most accurate digsites
  • Distribute the information to all stakeholders
  • Send and Receive Responses
  • Manage Facility Registrations in Real Time
  • Organize and distribute your materials for easy collaboration with other organizations
  • Create and share status reports for accreditation, government, or other regulatory purposes

Built on years of experience, the 4iQ Exactix platform will change the One Call Industry. The first system built on the demands of industry, will be the first to bring all stakeholders together to keep our infrastructure safe and secure.

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