Hospitals And Healthcare Organizations

At 4iQ, we know healthcare is about so much more than healing.

Training and certification are not just important, but essential. Your staff is working in a high-pressure, detail-oriented environment that demands excellence, exceptional (and verifiable) competency, a continually-evolving skill set, and proper legal and medical certifications to protect both patients and your people.

Our versatile Performance Management software gives you the power to create a centralized and transparent command center that lets you deliver complex concepts and content.

You can manage the learning path in real time, and ensure your staff has the knowledge and skills they need to provide an outstanding patient experience.

Does Your LMS Feel More Like an ICU?

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are a uniquely challenging environment for administrators. When you’re administering not just one, but dozens (or even hundreds) of highly skilled and hard-working professionals, you need a robust, proven system designed not just to house your training materials, but actually keep your team up-to-date with their knowledge, and skills.

Striking a balance between classroom sessions and critically important time providing care can be difficult if your communications are fragmented, schedules are haphazard, or you have to struggle with both evaluation and reporting to ensure compliance (not to mention positive patient experience and outcomes).

Add in on-site evaluations and audits by OSHA, TJC, FDA, and other organizations, and you’ve got another layer of stress added to an already difficult situation.

An outdated Learning Management System forces you to work around, rather than with, your staff and their schedules. A lack of real-time feedback and adjustable content means more time spent testing, training, and evaluating rather than providing care, and puts you in a tight spot when it comes to certifying medical competency and legal compliance.

Physician, Heal Thyself!

Practice a little self-care with 4iQ Solutions LMS for healthcare organizations. We’ve built our system from the ground up around a simple, but powerful concept called Opportunity Cycles. Imagine having the power to customize every session; tailor the learning path of every staffer; collect, analyze, and report with comprehensive statistics. Now imagine doing all of that while continuously improving every aspect of your training in real time.

We give you the power to monitor, modify, and evaluate from a single location.

Competency-based learning paths let you bring together diverse departments and individuals, deliver the content they need, and evaluate their performance for easier certification and compliance. Effortlessly manage schedules to ensure critical staff are where they need to be, when they need to be, whether it’s the classroom, the ER, or the operating theater.

At the same time, you’re building an online resource library that provides on-demand answers and updates to your entire organization.

You’ll also have everything you need to identify areas in need of improvement, deliver real-time content upgrades and certification requirements, and help all your staff reach their maximum potential. It’s easy to target your top performers for additional training and certifications, and help those in need of a refresher or alternative positions to acclimate and excel. It’s a seamless workflow solution that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve just done a week of double shifts with no coffee.

Contact us today and schedule a free consultation. We’re excited to show you how easy it can be to manage education and certification with exceptional content and performance management, and give your team the real-time, competency-based learning and evaluation they need to succeed both in the classroom and on the job.